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“We discovered that SolidCAM reduced our NC programming time by half, and we have been pleased with the ease of use and power of the milling module. A mayor benefit for us has been the quality of the UK support.”

“On our previous CAD/CAM system, we had to substantially edit G-codes to make the programme operate. Now, with SolidCAM, the post processor produces perfect NC code, making it far simpler and quicker to produce a new CAM program.” 

– Bob Luck, Production Engineer, Alcon Components Ltd


“We have found all the claims for iMachining to hold true for our applications in Dixons Surgical – incredible tool life, faster cycles, lighter cutting loads reducing vibration in poor work holding situations (mill-turn), and protection of small diameter cutters. The user interface is very clear and simple, and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies.”

Jay Dixon, Managing Director, Dixons Surgical Instruments


“Growth at the company is continuing at a very healthy rate with an emphasis on lean manufacture. The introduction of SolidCAM has contributed to this expansion, enabling the company to manufacture more complex parts in a shorter lead time, raising throughput, and maximizing the productivity of our trimming machines.”

Dan Patrick, Big Bear Plastics


“SolidCAM is the fastest and easiest CAM system I have ever used. The interface ensures that you have not missed anything, and the simulation allows you to compare the finished part with the model, ensuring that the component has been completely machined. The post processor is also highly configurable, producing canned cycles and 100% reliable G codes.”

– John Rowland, CNC Operator, Bromford Industries


“The time saving and the integration with SolidWorks is the biggest advantage.  In addition, the functionality of SolidCAM Xpress is impressive – it is easy to pick up and use straight away with no need for off-site training.  Another benefit is the time savings that we are making on the mill itself rather than the previous antiquated method that we were using.   I would definitely recommend SolidCAM Xpress.”

– Sean Twomey, Arden Precision


“InventorCAM has revolutionised our approach to CNC programming and new product introduction within Takumi. For years we had adopted a piece meal approach of CAM and manual programming. Investment in InventorCAM complemented by accurate post processors and ongoing training has transformed our approach. No job is too difficult and the excellent simulation  graphics ensure that even the most complicated 5 axis jobs are right first time. All of our programmers have been energised and are far more productive  thanks to this software.”

Gerry Reynolds, Managing Director, Takumi Precision Engineering


“SolidCAM UK did an excellent job guiding us through the SolidCAM training – being very patient with us beginners – everyone found the course interesting & informative.”

David Clark, Wm. Clark & Son (Parkgate) Ltd


‘In a University environment quick turn around times are integral to realizing the maximum potential of our final year students. They have just 24 weeks to design, build and test the Engineering solutions they develop to solve a myriad of problems.

SolidCAM gives us the ability to complete their prototypes fast. Taking dimensions and levels directly from their models ensures accurate generation of tool paths while the technology section allows us the freedom to insert clearances and machine high quality surface finishes, even in hard to machine materials. SolidCAM delivers all this with no compromise even allowing us to accurately model the tool paths before a chip is cut, essential where material budgets are tight and scrap is to be avoided. I would certainly recommend SolidCAM.’

– Tim Power, Senior Technical Officer, University College Cork


‘Friendly, professional and efficient service. Very pleased and will recommend’

How can we improve any of our service? – ‘You really can’t!’

Sam Flint, Senior Teaching/Plant Technician, Cambridge University Engineering Department


‘Could not improve – excellent service’

James Chorley, A M Hydraulics Ltd

SolidCAM has more than 20,000 seats installed worldwide.