Successful "Live Cutting with iMachining" Seminar at the Nuclear AMRC

November 4, 2013

SolidCAM UK can proudly announce that we have had yet another successful “Live Cutting with iMachining” seminar on Wednesday 16th October 2013. We would like to send a special thank you to our hosts for the day, Nuclear AMRC in Rotherham, your hospitality was exceptional and outstanding. During the day we displayed to our guests how SolidCAM iMachining has revolutionized machining with some high quality presentations from our very own Gordon Drysdale and Mark Stocks.
Using one of Nuclear AMRC‘s very own Hermle C60 MT we revealed how iMachining enables you to cut with maximum efficiency, reduce cycle time by 70% or more, and improve tool-life significantly. As you can see from the images there were a lot of mesmerized faces during the live demonstrations.


SolidCAM UK Managing Director, Gordon Drysdale had this to say…..

“We had an exciting mixture of existing customers and prospects, which proved to be the correct blend for a question filled event. It was encouraging to see the amount of individuals and companies that could see for themselves that our claims of a 70% reduced cycle time was more than achievable with iMachining. Seeing is really believing!”

The Seminar was held at the Nuclear AMRC, who used SolidCAM iMachining to build parts for the Bloodhound SSC. Their Deputy Machining Group Manager Jay Shaw had this to say….

“iMachining has been an extremely useful tool for the machining of the Bloodhound parts recently undertaken by Nuclear AMRC. Without iMachining the parts would have taken a significantly longer time to program and machine.”


“It was great to see so many attendees at this seminar and have the opportunity to see the production benefits of the SolidCAM iMachining technology proven in action with live cutting on the machines at the Nuclear AMRC site. The event also showcased the benefits of SolidCAM being seamlessly integrated in the powerful industry standard CAD tool of SolidWorks. This enables powerful efficiency to be obtained in streamlining design, production engineering, programming and production which many attendees commented as being a big benefit to any company” – Dave Warner, Solid Solutions Management.


The day went extremely well and we could not have been happier with the results. We would like to say an enormous thank you to Dave Warner and Steve White from Solid Solutions Management, for their wonderful demonstration on “What’s new to SolidWorks 2014” and again our appreciation to Nuclear AMRC for your remarkable hospitality and generosity.

Of course a huge thank you to all our guests who attended the seminar, we hope you enjoyed your time with us and look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

Also a huge thank you to…

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