Live Solid Probe Webinar - Friday 15th August

August 14, 2014

SolidCAM UK Presents Solid Probe Webinar 

 SolidCAM UK Live Solid Probe Level 1& 2 Webinar – 09:30 to 10:00 

SolidCAM UK Ltd invite you to join our Live SolidCAM Solid Probe Webinar on Friday 15th August. SolidCAM is bringing you Solid Probe, a new SolidCAM module that provides capabilities for Home definition and On-Machine Verification, using probes on the CNC machine, to to setup and control quality of machined parts.  
Full visualization of all the probe movements, provided by SolidCAM Machine Simulation, enables you to avoid any potential damage to the Probe Tool. 


Solid Probe is a Must Module for Every Machinist using Probes!

▶ Easy Home definition
▶ On-Machine Verification
▶ Tool Presetter support
▶ Easy geometry selection on solid model
▶ Supports a wide range of probe cycles
▶ Visualization of all the Probe tool movements
▶ Support of different Probe controllers

Amazing discounts to all attendees!! 

Register for the SolidCAM Solid Probe Webinar by clicking on the link below: