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SolidCAM’s revolutionary Machining technology

Finally!!! All the promises of a Revolution in CNC Machining are actually delivered.

  • The first real breakthrough in Tool path technology that allows cutting 2 to 3 times faster and deeper by optimizing tool engagement and speed through the entire tool path. No smoke, no mirrors, no NASA produced Machine tools and cutters, you can use your existing equipment to run faster and deeper with even the smallest tools in the hardest materials
  • The first system of its kind to synchronize the machine, endmill, material, and tool path together in one CAM system. Don’t go it alone and leave your hands off the ‘STOP’ button.
  • iMachining is the completely intelligent system that adjusts automatically to material, geometry, cutters, and machine tool capability to lead the user through the entire operation, eliminating the trial and error approach (and endless broken cutters) of adjusting and optimizing parameters at the machine.
  • Imagine putting the knowledge and experience of hundreds of CAM masters in the palm of your hand – Imagine iMachining!



Unique Technology Wizard

SolidCAM’s iMachining has the exclusive patented iMachining Technology Wizard, the industry;s first and only Tool Wizard that automatically calculates the cutting conditions for the iMachining tool path. The unique Technology Wizard provides optimal speeds and feeds, taking into account the tool paths, stock and tool material as well as machine specifications. Using the “Controlled Step Over”  technology, the iMachinign toolpath ensures that the cutting conditions set by the Wizard are strictly adhered to. SolidCAM with iMachining is the only CAM system that takes out the guesswork from defining the cutting conditions and automatically provides the optimum values for milling .

iMachining Wizard + iMachining Toolpath = the Ultimate Solution!


SolidCAM’s iMachining highlights: 

  • Increased productivity due to shorter time saving 70% and more!
  • Dramatically increased tool like
  • Unmatched hard material machining
  • Outstanding small  tool performances
  • 4-Axis and Mill-Turn iMachining
  • Automatic, optimal feed and speeds by the unique Technology Wizard
  • Best user-interface
  • Shortest learning curve in the industry

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