Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling

Unit 7
Wortley Court
Fall Bank Industrial Estate
South Yorkshire
S75 3LS

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Powerful Simultaneous 5-Axis Toolpaths with a Very Friendly User-Interface

Benefit from the most tested and proven 5-axis CNC milling toolpaths in the industry, with the most advanced control over all aspects of toolpath and collision checking and with a very friendly user interface.

  • Wide variety of Simultaneous 5x cutting strategies
  • Flow line cutting produces a toolpath that follows the natural shape of the component
  • Multi-surface finish machining keeps the tool normal to the surface (or with specified lead and lag) to provide a smooth surface finish
  • Specific application solutions for SWARF, Multi- Blade, Port, Contour 5x, Multi-Axis drill and conversion of HSM to Sim 5-Axis
  • Advanced tool tilting control and direct control on side tilting and lead\lag angles
  • Automatic gouge avoidance strategies that check each part of the tool and the holder
  • Realistic full 3D machine simulation with comprehensive collision and axis limits checking

SolidCAM 5-Axis machining supports all 5-Axismachine tools including Table/Table, Table/Head and Head/Head gantry machines as well as the latest Mill-Turn machining centers.

Flexibility and Control

Each 5-Axis machining strategy provides sophisticated options for approach/link control and tool axis control. Link and approach moves are fully gouge protected and different strategies may be used depending on the  distance of the link move. SolidCAM also provides options for control over lead/lag and side tilt angles to give complete control over the final toolpath.


Collision Avoidance for Tool and Holder

Collision Avoidance is supported for both the tool and holder and a range of alternatives is offered to avoid collision. The machine simulation provides complete Cutter and Tool-holder gouge checking.


SWARF Machining

SWARF machining allows the side of the tool to be tilted over to machine the side wall at the correct angle. SWARF cutting uses the whole cutting length of the tool, resulting in better surface quality and shorter machining time.

Multi-Blade Machining

The Multi-blade machining operation easily handles impellers and bladed disks, with multiple strategies to efficiently rough and finish each part of these complex shapes. Multi-bladed parts are used in many industries and this operation is specifically designed to generate the necessary toolpaths for the different multi-blade configurations.

Port Machining

The Port machining operation is an easy-to-use method for machining ports with tapered lollipop tools, and has collision checks for the entire tool. It provides both roughing and finishing toolpaths to make ports from castings or billet.

Contour 5-Axis Machining

The Contour 5-axis machining strategy tilts the tool along a chained 3D profile drive curve, while aligning the tool axis according to defined tilt lines, making it ideal for generating 5-axis toolpath for deburring and trimming.

Multi-Axis Drilling

The Multi-Axis Drilling operation uses SolidCAM’s automatic hole recognition and then performs drilling, tapping or boring cycles, at any hole direction easily and quickly. All the advanced linking, tilting and collision avoidance strategies are available in this operation.

Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis
The Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis milling operation converts HSM 3D toolpaths to full 5-Axis collision-protected toolpaths. This will maintain optimum contact point between the tool and the part and enables the use of shorter tools for more stability and rigidity.