SolidCAM UK Ensured Continuity of Services throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic!

November 25, 2020

The ongoing unprecedented climate relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic has inevitably made it necessary for changes to be made to the way that SolidCAM UK carries out its business services, so that the health and safety of all employees, suppliers and customers are protected whilst simultaneously continuing with the business’ essential operations. The Pandemic has not stopped SolidCAM UK, at any point, from ensuring that all customers have the training, support and access to SolidCAM that they require, ensuring maximisation of labour productivity and business continuity.

During national lockdown, their customers had continued to be productive, by working with their software licenses remotely from their homes. Guidance and support was provided to all, to enable a smooth transition to this ‘new normal’, and free temporary extended licenses were provided.

“SolidCAM have supported us by granting a temporary licence to the more advanced tool path modules we wouldn’t normally use,” says Tom Pedley, Head of Offline Programming at Olympus Engineering.

Programming advice and assistance from SolidCAM UK, was offered to all customers, as well as those involved in medical equipment supply. With a shortage of lifesaving ventilators in the UK and across the world, Olympus Engineering, with assistance from SolidCAM, helped to fill this gap by manufacturing vital ventilator parts. Despite switching up their production, they still managed to deliver their existing products where possible. Utilising SolidCAM, enabled the company to react quickly to component revision changes, and SolidCAM UK’s expert application engineers were on hand to provide support, so as to aid smooth production throughout.

Jamie Dodd of DRD Racing, based in Flintshire, says of lockdown, “SolidCAM software enables our customers to send over their designs by email; we can load these directly into SolidCAM and produce the parts without any personal contact, enabling us to follow all Covid-19 guidelines and isolate ourselves.”

As well as a fully operational support line throughout the crisis, free Tips and Tricks webinars with SolidCAM insights and overviews have been provided for all customers and non-customers. Customers that had outstanding training, were given the opportunity to join free online training courses, giving them an introduction to the software, so that production can continue efficiently and effectively. Once training courses recommence at their Technology Centre based in Barnsley, their places will still be honoured.

Judging by the overnight influx of visitors to the SolidCAM website, during the outset of lockdown, it became immediately obvious that CAD/CAM was high on the agenda within the manufacturing industry. Working from home, many were turning to the internet, evaluating their production strategies, and raising the question, “is what we have, the most productive for our business?” This lead to the birth of the online interactive ‘SolidCAM UK Live’ events. Owing to the success of the SolidCAM UK Total Solution ‘Learn and Lunch Workshops’ usually carried out at the Barnsley Technology Centre, the company now streams Live events from the centre, with Live Q&A. Without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices, viewers are able to learn about ‘best-inclass solutions, including the software’s unique, patented and revolutionary toolpaths that provide the fastest metal removal rates within the industry, as well as have access
to a total manufacturing solution with talks from the company’s leading technical partners. Follow SolidCAM UK on social media, or click here for further information on upcoming Live events