SolidCAM Xpress

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SolidCAM Xpress – Premium CAM/ Painless Price

Focusing on the truly essential CAM programming functions, SolidCAM Xpress is a radical new concept in CAM that delivers a high-end, fully SolidWorks integrated CAM solution for 2.5D machining as well as 3 axis surface machining functionality at a surprisingly affordable price. While other CAM systems find new ways to raise prices by offering functionality that has little to no value for most users, SolidCAM breaks this unfair trend by offering the leading integrated CAM solution, with over 10 years of proven Gold Partner SolidWorks integration, complete with the functionality you need most, at a price that is completely unrivaled for this level of programming capability.

Once you experience the power and convenience of programming your CNC?s right inside your SolidWorks and avoiding the dreaded file import/export obstacle course, you will never want to go back to a stand-alone CAM system ever again. Feel right at home as you navigate your familiar SolidWorks interface and discover the new found power of CAM programming functions that are seamlessly integrated inside SolidWorks. Feel confidence and power instead of dread making design changes that used to make you start from scratch, as you watch your toolpaths effortlessly update when you make a design change. Feel secure knowing that you can get the last CAM you will ever need, as SolidCAM does offer the most highly developed features and works with even the most advanced CNC?s. You will grow with, never outgrow SolidCAM.

SolidWorks Parts, Assemblies, Sketches

Easily work on parts, assemblies, and sketch geometry to define your operations. Quickly place fixtures and components for full visualization.

Solid Verify Simulation

Program multiple setups in one CAM session, while having full Solid Verify (3D Video Simulation) and Gouge Checking through each setup. Custom Tool Holders can be easily sketched in SolidWorks. Separate fixtures and clamps can be defined for each setup (CoordSys).


Toolpaths are stored as Operations in a CAM-Manager, where operations can be dragged & dropped to reorder toolpaths at any time. Any Operation can also be suppressed/cut/copied/pasted, following standard SolidWorks & MS Windows methodology. Simulate or Gcode any combination of Operations by using CTRL and/or CTRL+SHIFT to highlight Operations from the tree.

HSS High-Speed Surface Machining

Xpress contains a limited feature HSS toolpath. Linear and Constant-Z strategies provide the ability to machine 3D features on pristmatic parts. Single and multiple surfaces are supported.

Pocket Milling

Advanced pocketing that supports unlimited number of pockets and islands. Pocket geometry can be defined as Open, Semi-open, or Closed with or without Islands. Open and semi-open pockets replace the need for user extended geometry. Intelligent toolpaths automatically plunge in air and work to progressively shave the material away from the open edges of the pocket (zig-zag or one-way). Helical and linear ramping are applied to closed pockets.

Profile Milling

Create toolpath that follows any profile in SolidWorks. Geometry can be defined as model edges, sketch entities, or intermixed. Multiple passes can be easily defined to rough away a large area. Roughing and finishing can be defined in the same operation, along with different depth of cuts. An advanced ?geometry edit? allows modification (offseting, trimming, extended, start point) without having to use SolidWorks tools.

Face Milling

Easily define single or multiple pass cutting. User selection of the entire part, face(s), or sketch geometry for flexibility. Extension, overlaps, and lead in & out are automatically applied to clear the entire geometry. While plunging, retracting and step-overs are done in air.


Easily define drill cycles for machining holes. Standard cycles include drilling, peck drilling, reaming, boring, and tapping cycles. While custom cycles can be added to the post processor.