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SolidCAM Successes

Providing the ‘Best-in-Class’ CAM Solution with iMachining to CTR Developments

Providing the ‘Best-in-Class’ CAM Solution for Aluminium Extrusions at Inal Metals North Ltd

“SolidCAM; I think its fantastic!” Tony Schofield, Inal Metals North Ltd

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See SolidCAM in action on Inal Metal North’s Emmegi Satellite XT 5 Axis CNC

Providing the ‘Best-in-Class’ CAM Solution for Education

“SolidCAM gives us the ability to complete their assessments fast, and delivers accurate modelling of the tool paths . . . . I would certainly recommend SolidCAM.” Krastimir Popov, Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing at CES (Computing & Engineering Science), University of South Wales (USW)

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Alcon Components Ltd sees SolidCAM as an Asset to their Business

“Having used SolidCAM for nearly ten years , we find it to be an integral part of our business and look forward to our continuous work with SolidCAM UK Ltd in helping us further reduce our cycle times.”   Phillip Smith, Director, Alcon Components Ltd.

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DPC Ltd Reduces Cycle Time Using iMachining by SolidCAM

“We have found iMachining to be a very powerful tool in reducing programming and cycle times, especially since upgrading to 3D.   To see the increased metal removal rates is most encouraging and greatly increases our competitiveness in the industry.” Simon Dawson, Managing Director, Dawson Precision Components Ltd.

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Dixons Surgical Instruments Ltd Reduces Cycle Time Using iMachining by SolidCAM

“IMachining has enabled us to make parts that we would otherwise have really struggled with due to the nature of their shape and lack of workholding options. It enables us to cut parts using 4 axis strategies with minimal vibration, even when the parts are hanging miles out of the 4th axis. We’re especially impressed with the way it protects small cutters – I’m talking 1.0mm to 3.0mm dia end mills – they just go on and on working. Before using iMachining we used to get through lots of this type of cutter, because much of our work demands the use of them to cut intricate features, but it was always very unpredictable as to when the cutter would break. Now with iMachining it’s not unusual for us to make a whole batch of parts from tough stainless steels with just one cutter! ” Jay Dixon, Managing Director, Dixon Surgical Instruments Ltd.

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Evenort Ltd sees SolidCAM as an Asset to their Business

“We have used SolidCAM for many years and find it to be an asset to our business and are continuing to look at new technology and see SolidCAM’s  latest iMachining as a potential link in the future.”  Craig McKay, General Manager and Director, Evenort Ltd.

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Helix Autosport Reduces Cycle Time Using iMachining by SolidCAM

“SolidCAM has enabled us to manufacture the strongest and lightest clutch and flywheel kit to ever be manufactured at Helix Autosport.” Alexander Champion, Design Engineer, Helix Autosport.


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Recol Engineering Ltd Reduces Cycle Time Using iMachining by SolidCAM

“The implementation of SolidCAM supported by its iMachining strategies has enabled Recol Ltd to diversify from being a Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company with CNC Machining capabilities, to become an organisation with 2 distinct sectors of expertise. Whilst maintaining our leading position in the market of sheet metal, we are now actively becoming a preferred supplier of high end machined components. The latest SolidCAM 3D iMachining software has allowed Recol Ltd to diversify and target many new opportunities that will support our business growth strategy.
The iMachining capabilities have revolutionised the way we look at our mill and lathe processes. The rates of material that can now be removed and the extended tool life that historically were not in the realms of possibility have become an everyday occurrence. Our mixture of Stainless steel and Aluminium processing has been transformed using iMachining. Tools just seem to go on and on cutting. It has now allowed us to look into new types of tooling to push ever harder the material removal rates through investing in better and more sophisticated tooling geometries therefore significantly reducing cost, and in turn allowing us to maintain our policy of continuous improvement and cost down.”  Ben Guntrip,  Operations Manager, Recol Engineering Ltd.

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Joy Global sees InventorCAM as an Asset to their Business

‘Having undergone training at SolidCAM UK’s Barnsley office, we were able to determine the best way of getting the desired tool paths on our own products. SolidCAM UK have also provided very effective on-line support to resolve any problems quickly whenever we required. As for the future of InventorCAM within Joy Global, we have recommended it to one of our China facilities where trials are currently taking place.’ Rob Wilks, Production Engineering Manager, Joy Global.

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For more information on any of these case studies, please contact us at SolidCAM UK Ltd on 01226 241744.